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"GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one engine. In addition, GeoGebra offers an online platform with over 1 million free classroom resources created by our multilingual community.?

  • Know how to use the basic operations of Geogebra 
  • Create and know what a regular polygon, triangle, quadrilateral, square etc is
  • Know how Geogebra tools work
  • Being able to create a figure using polygons (move and change shapes)
  • Complete the lesson plan template for your Geogebra lesson with your learners
  • Get the Geogebra certificate (optional but advised)

Activity 1: Getting to know the tools

Most apps have a toolbar or ribbon with tool icon that will, if you click it, allow you to perform an action. Watch the following video to learn how the GeoGebra toolbar works.

  • Create a GeoGebra home for yourself with a house , trees, sun etc. You may use any of the tools.
  • Take a screenshot, download the picture and upload it to your Geogebra badge folder with your name. eg Geogebrabadge.Maggiev
  • Upload it to your POE folder
  • Who lives in the best house????? Competition will open before the teachmeet
  • What tech tools did you use in this activity?
  • Explain All the C's that you experienced in this activity
  • Use the Rubric below to evaluate your House activity upload to your POE folder (see the Chat GPT prompt for this rubric)

Activity :
Download the lesson plan template, make a copy, and complete the lesson plan for all of the above.

  • Was the lesson plan learner centered?
  • Was all the C's covered?
  • Was there engagement, consolidation, feedback and assessment
  • Complete the rubric and critique the lesson

Activity 4:

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