Tech Teacher Badge

Tech teachers are the teachers who must know how to run their school's computer lab. Make sure that you book a Tech training session with Easton and Bradley to have 3 Training sessions.

To claim your Teacher Tech Badge, you need to make sure that you have mastered all the skills and crieria according to the badge below If you need assistance with any of the criteria, please book a one on one with your ITE or work through the how to tutorial manual .

The criteria for the Tech Teacher Badge are as follows:

Please make sure that you can do / have done ALL of the items below. If you can't do it, please ask your friendly ITE or tech team for support. You have to be able to:

  • Attended the 3 Tech sessions with Easton and Bradley. Please make sure that you book your school's session
  • Check that you can do the following lab related skills as contained in the Computer Lab Manual
    • Know how operate the server (Server operations except Concordia High)
    • Know how to manage the virtual machine (Concordia High, Karatara and Ruigtevlei)
    • Internet proxy settings and management
    • How to log a ticket
    • How to create a folder and how to share it (Public drive or any other environment within the school)
    • Map and share a drive and create a shortcut
    • Trouble shooting issues.
    • How to get a reference number from the WCED for departmental issues.
    • Connect to the projector
    • All the skills as listed in the Computer lab manual.

Badge Activities

Activities session 1

  1. Switch on the server on and off the proper way!!!! (session 1)
  2. Switch on the virtual machine so that learnt computers can be on (demonstration) (session 1)
  3. Play with the proxy settings to be able to connect to the internet. (how to switch between different environments e.g. home and school) (session 1)
  4. Log a ticket (why) and secure support. (session 1)
  5. Do some basic trouble shooting. (session 1)

Activities session 2

  • Working on the public drive
  • Create and manage folders in the public drive (also part of the file management badge)
  • Practice sharing the folders across the public drive and other ways. (You can access the folder from your personal computer)
  • How to connect to the projector and other devices

Activities session 3

  • Practical on everything that you have done
  • Focus on what the problem areas are (or normally are)

How to tutorials

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