Basic Computer Badge

Welcome to our basic computer Badge! This Badge will help you understand how computers work and how to use them. You will be confident in setting up a computer, know the difference between hardware and software, and the types of computers you can use. You will be able to explore operating systemsapplications, the cloud, and a whole lot more.

You will be able to earn your GFC Global certificate in Basic Computer Knowledge and Skills

Make sure that you upload all your Proof of Evidence (POE), your GCF Global certificate to your school (G-drive) folder for us be able to officially award your badge. Ask your ITE for your folder link.

The criteria for the Computer Basics Badge are as follows:

Please make sure that you are confident about all the criteria below: If you can't do it or does not know it, please ask your friendly ITE for support. You must be able to:

  • Know what a Computer is and how it functions.
    • Identify the basic components of a computer, input and output devices
    • Identify the various ports and buttons on a computer.
    • Know what is inside a computer.
    • Understand laptop computers and how they differ from traditional desktop computers
    • Know how mobile devices work.
  • Understand Operating Systems and how they function.
  • Know the difference between various operating systems (e.g. Windows, Android, Apple)
    • Able to perform Computer operations (Windows operating system)
      • Login with username and password.
      • Open a File Explorer window.
      • Navigate the Windows Menu.
      • Open an application from the Start Menu. and close an application.
      • Identify the local [C] drive.
      • Able to locate the default Downloads folder.
      • Create, open and rename new files and folder.
      • Zip/Compress a file/folder.
      • Copy and paste files and folders from one location to another.
      • Can restart, shutdown or place the computer into ‘sleep’ mode.
      • Know at least three keyboard shortcuts.
      • Close a non-responding application.
      • Take and share a screenshot.
      • Able to use ALT-TAB to switch between windows.
      • Connect computer to a wired/wireless network.
      • Connect peripheral devices like printers, visualizers and external hard drives
      • Access Screen settings.
      • Arrange windows on a screen to work in more than window/application at a time e.g. split screen
      • Adjust audio settings and connect Bluetooth devices
      • Print documents/images.
      • Can restart, shutdown or place the computer into ‘sleep’ mode.
  • Have completed the Basic GCF Global Computer tutorial and earned the certificate
  • Have you uploaded the mentioned certificate into your school G-drive POE folder? Then you are ready to....

Badge Activities

Activity one

  1. Register for an account on the GFCGlobal platform
  2. Complete the GCFGlobal Basic computer course. Make sure that you make notes as you go along. Watch the videos and complete the tasks within the course.
  3. Complete the Basic computer assessment and download the certificate.
  4. Save it in your G-drive POE folder with the file name basiccomputerbadge.yourname.pdf e.g. Basiccomputerbadge.MaggieVerster.pdf.
  5. Upload your certificate to your school (teacher) folder (ask your ITE for the POE link).

How to tutorials

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