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Frequently asked questions

How can we get technology for our schools?

The Schools are part of a Point eStar System where leaders, teachers, ITEs and learners can earn Points through the use of technology in the classrooms and at afterschool clubs, as well as the attendance of workshops, eCoPs and webinars. These points can then count towards getting new tech!

How and when can I use the computer lab in the school?

Every school has a lab schedule. Make sure that you arrange with the IT coordinator at your school as well as the ITE to be allocated a lab scheduled spot if you need it on a regular basis or you can ask the ITE in the morning which lessons are open. 

If you would like to use the lab in the afternoon, make sure that it will not be used by the afternoon computer Fun club, Robotics club or the Teacher tech Thursday group.

If you use the lab on a Friday when there is not an ITE in attendance, make sure that you lock up and also sign the lab attendance schedule as well as the visitors log.

How to tutorials

From Google to Moodle- learn how to do use apps, software and learn from the experts. This section will curate all how-tos for easy reference. (Please be patient to be linked soon!!)


All things Google..

Google tips, tutorials and tricks

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Excel tips, tutorials and tricks

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MS Word tips, tutorials and tricks

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PowerPoint, Google slides tips, tutorials and tricks

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How to run the computer lab and troubleshoot

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All the "how to" articles and wakelets

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