TWT Rotation Station Language Workshop
What is a rotation station? A rotation station, also known as a
Inspiring young minds through Microbit
During the first week, we had an absolute blast with a few
TWT Rotation Station Workshops – book your space now!!
🌟 Transform Your Teaching with Rotation Stations & Technology! 🌟 πŸ”„Are you
Vocational Focus Email Workshop
As part of our ITE, teacher and vocational badge system, you can
Vocational Focus – Create an awesome CV and earn your Word badge (and get your dream job)
Your goal today is to create a professional looking, awesome CV using
The game is on! Come to our Gamification and Game Based Learning Webinar
If you have missed out on our hands-on workshops, or just want
Flipping good -Flipped Classroom Catchup webinar
If you have missed out on our hands-on workshops, or just want
Exploring Digital Tools
"In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, the integration of gamification and artificial
Our first Teach-Meet Celebration
All our KILT maths and language teachers are invited to our first
How do I submit my DIeP lesson?
This year we will be going diep (Deep Integration of edtech in
Game Based Learning workshop for Language teachers
Thank you for joining us for our Game Based learning workshop for
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