Let’s celebrate the professional growth and accomplishments of our esteemed senior ITE “Phumela Mankeya”.

I am Phumela Mankeya, a 26-year-old young lady who started the journey of being an ITE in 2022 April. I started this journey very much scared of the unknown, but I knew I was going to give it my best shot. I knew I loved working with kids, but I was not so sure on being a computer guru ja I said it a computer guru, that's what I am now.

In the beginning of my training, I anticipated working mainly with students, not realizing the importance of building relationships with teachers and staff. However, my experience showed me the value of these connections. From day one, the school embraced me, offering unwavering support. Despite occasional frustrations, they guided me patiently, like parents nurturing a child's first steps.

During my placement at the school, I assumed the role of a Robotics ITE, expanding my tech expertise beyond expectations. Collaborating with students, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills, strengthened our school community. In my inaugural year in robotics, our collective effort secured a victory against Knysna Kilt School, marking a milestone of achievement.

The enthusiasm for Lego Robotics extended beyond the learners to our dedicated teachers, fostering a supportive team dynamic. With their ongoing commitment, I feel assured of a collective readiness to engage in nurturing the next generation of engineers.

In my time here, I've flourished, embracing both Lego Robotics and coding in our school. While coding presents challenges, its demand for creative problem-solving is invigorating. Surprisingly, securing teacher support was effortless, revealing an incredible team standing behind me, ready to tackle any obstacle.

Let's dive into the exciting world of E-Learning!

My life's taken an exhilarating turn with teachers eager for e-learning, sparking a playful rivalry for resources like projectors and laptops. Thanks to Mr. Mthamzeli, our mentor and ICT Coordinator, whose leadership blends fun with discipline, I've thrived in this dynamic environment. I owe much of my success to his guidance and support.

This journey continue to be amazing for me, each day seems to be more brighter as I spread my wings and fly. Thank you Kilt/Edunova for making sure we as the youth get a chance to re correct our mistakes, a chance to know we have a better shot to life, a chance to still shine and groom the next generation of better decision taking as they grow.

I extend my sincere gratitude to Percy Mdala for serving as a cornerstone in my life's journey and providing invaluable mentorship. Your guidance has shaped me into a promising IT enabler, poised to soar to greater heights and make a meaningful impact.


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