Game Based Learning workshop for maths teachers

Thank you for joining us for our Game Based learning workshop for Maths teachers! We hope that you will have a lot of fun and learn a few new tools and tricks!!

Activity one: Kahoot - What is Game Based learning and Gamification?

  • Go to kahoot it (in your Chrome browser), insert the game code and your name and wait for the game to start!!
  • Create an account at and search for relevant topics that you are teaching. Evaluate some of the premade Kahoots for usability and adaption for your classroom.

Activity 2: Mentimeter - Discussion and consolidation

  • Got to (or and wait for the the facilitator to open the discussion.
  • Was this an example of gamification? Motivate.
  • Search for relevant topics in your subject area and adapt the slides for your purposes. Do the questions enhance mathematical knowledge and or thinking? See the fraction one:

Activity 3: Blooket - Level up!

  • Go to and wait for the Exponents game to start.
  • How does this game compare to the games we played before?
  • What was the game elements?

Activity 4: Using quizzes for whole class engagement

Activity 5: Create your own game using

  • Play the matching game by yourself (Maths shapes ) Spreadsheet
    • How can you improve the choices to make it challenging for the learners at their level?
    • How to insert maths shapes or equations into your Flippity.
  • Play the flashcard game (maths termimology) and change it into a matching game for your class.
  • Change or create a crossword puzzle, or better still, let the learners create their own crossword puzzles and flashcards and compete with one another! (Critique example)

Activity 6: Other maths learning game sites

Earn your Game based learning and gamification badge!

Our Game Based Learning Wakelet (follow along)

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