ITE: Training 19.04.24


9:00-10:00 Blog post counts and badge
10:00-11:00 Badges
11:00-12:00 Logframe data and point negotiations
13:00-15:00 Gamificat6ion and games

We will be including blog posts for our ITE point system. The heat is on!!! Criteria for blogpost:

  • Register as a blog user
  • Create and edit a new post
  • Added a cover picture
  • Topic must be specific
  • Visible to the public:
  • Are there tags, categories.
  • Is there a featured image?
  • Check your spelling and grammer.
  • Is content relevant?
  • AI may be used but must be critically checked and personalised (suggestion: write it and THEN put it through AI)
  • Is it visually pleasing with a good layout.
  • Have you embedded posts from other sources (TikTok, Wakelet, Instagram, Facebook)

Next weeks homework:

  • Go through all your blogpost and check the criteria
  • Add a blogpost about you with pictures and embeds. (Wakelet, Tiktok,....)

2) Badges

  • Look if there is a live badge
  • Badge page:
  • Make sure that you (your teacher) can do all the things on the criteria list
  • Upload evidence to your (your teacher's folder)
  • Complete the online tracking sheet for your teachers.
  • Do the certificate and add to your POE folder. Not compulsary for teachers but will earn them extra points
  • Complete the badge claim form
  • If there is not a badge for it YET, the teacher can create the badge (Do the criteria) and earn double points.

3) Logframe data

  • Check your folders for Teacher badges and one on ones and update your tracking sheet
  • See Lyndie/Essie for outstanding data and elessons
  • Make sure all work and POes are uploaded

4) Games and gamification

  • Games wakelet
  • See Games list here.
  • Look at what your teachers will be teaching in the ATP and CAPS in the next 3 weeks and create a maths game for them.
  • Link your game to the Google doc above

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