Teachers: Game Based learning workshop (bit.ly/lessongames)

Come and join us for a fun workshop on Game Based Learning and Gamification in your classroom. You can choose to attend the Maths or Language workshop (or both!!). Book your seat now: bit.ly/TTTbooking

Our second workshop of the year is Game Based Learning and Gamification  and we would like to encourage ALL our MATHS and Language teachers to attend!! We have set aside 2 days (for maths teachers) and two days  (for language teachers)  so that you can pick which day suit you the best (or if you have anything else on the other days) We can accommodate 20 Teachers per workshop and our DIeP VIP teachers gets preferential booking! Our workshops will be from 3pm to 5pm. Please note the venues. 


  • Why games in the classroom? (What does the evidence say?)
  • Different kind of maths / language games.
  • Let's play (lots of fabulous games for your learners and you to use in the classroom)

What to bring with for this workshop: 

  • Your charged cellphone and LAPTOP. You will want to bring your laptop to try out the games!
  • Gaming apps that you use with your learners if you have any. 
  • Resources that you want to share with each other teachers (bring and share)
  • Your Sense of fun and learning. 
  • Your ATP document (What you will be teaching in the next 3 weeks)

For more information on workshops please join our Facebook group and page here

Workshop dates (pick one):
You have to pick a date that suits you!  20 people per session. First come first in! 3pm-5pm

  • 23 April Maths apps and tools  (Venue KILT training room 3pm- 5pm) 
  • 30 April Language apps and tools  (Venue: Knysna Hope Training Center, 6 Queen street)
  • 2 May  Language  apps and tools (Venue: Knysna Hope Training Center, 6 Queen street) Repeat
  • 7 May Maths apps and tools (Venue KILT training room 3pm- 5pm) Repeat
  • Please note- please let us know if you for some reason cannot come any more as we need numbers for catering and for additional teachers to get seats)

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