Grade 12 Vocational Training Feedback

This past Monday we were hosting the vocational learners of our KILT high schools at Knysna Secondary School for a day of learning and fun!

The learners had to sessions that they attended at the school. They had the chance to receive an certificate of complestion after each course that was completed. The two session they had to attend was facilitated by our wonderfull ITE's. The first sesion was about basic E-mail. The students really enjoyed it. They had to receive more than 95% in each quiz that they did otherwise they could not receive their certificate.

The second sesion was about Internet. They had a little Ice breaker before they started with the course. Where all the grade 12 learners from diffrent schools interacted with one another about what they learnerd and what they would like to learn in the secound sesion. It was really good to see that they learners did not take they courses lightly but they took note of everything.

Here is what the learners had to say after the sessions:

" Greetings to you Sis Nonqaba, this is from Emihle Nkam. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Vocational club.Today's ;esson was exciting and an important thing to know for future purposes, the ITE's were very helpful to us and i appreciated that. What i have learned is far from my knowledge, I gained more information and learned alot about Internet and how to use it safely. The advantages and disadvantages on your personal information especially the Gmail part beacsue I did not know a thing"

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