Internet Badge

As responsible digital citizens we need to make sure that we

  • Stay safe on the internet
  • Maintain an effective and professional digital footprint.
  • Keep our learners safe as they navigate a new digital world.

The criteria for the Internet Badge are as follows:

  • Able to use a search engine to perform a search for information.
  • Know the difference between searching and accessing an URL.
  • Can find specific information using keywords.
  • Can bookmark a website.
  • Can organise bookmarks in a web browser
  • Can find and install add-ons for a web-browser.
    E.g. Adblock, Print-Friendly, Wakelet and Magic school
  • Can save/download web pages/files found online.
  • Can share files/information via mail, social media etc.
  • Know how to manage your digital footprint
  • Can stay safe online (know what phishing is)
  • Can identify fake news and hoaxes
  • Know how to use AI responsibly and credibly- check your sources.
  • Not optional: Get the GFCGlobal Internet certificate See Activity 3 below (Compulsary for Teachers and learners)

Workshop Activities (Face to Face)

Activity 1: Face to face workshop: Create a network-What is the Internet?

  • Tie the string around your arm and through the string ball to someone to do the same.
  • Make sure that you link everybody up.
  • Make eye contact before linking up. Warn them you are linking up!
  • Now lift your arms and pull
  • What do you learn from this exercise?
  • What is the internet?
  • ITEs: Please take photos of the network and make sure nobody gets injured

Activity 2: Digital identity (F2F or by yourself)

  • Search for yourself and the person to your left/you know, on the internet
    • Did you find yourself, your maatjie on the internet?
    • Evaluate if what you see is:
      • Professional?
      • Explicit or too revealing?
  • Ask AI (Chatgpt) how you can
    • Be safe on then internet
    • Create a professional online digital foot print.
    • Do a short summary (in your own words and language) as a comment below this post. Remember to add your name
  • Complete the Badge activity below and earn your certificate (optional but greatly advised. Compulsory for vocational learners)

Badge Activity

Make sure that you have mastered all the criteria as stated above. Remember to upload your certificate to your Gdrive folder.

Activity one (ALL)

  1. Sign into your account on the GFCGlobal platform
  2. Complete the Word GCFGlobal course. Make sure that you make notes as you go along. Watch the videos and complete the tasks within the course.
  3. Complete the Basic Internet Course assessment and download the certificate.
  4. Save it in your POE folder with the file name internetbadge_YournameYoursurname.pdf e.g. internetbadgeMaggieVerster.pdf.
  5. Upload your certificate to your school (teacher) folder (ask your ITE for the POE link).
  6. Create an email applying the necessary email etiquette and send your Internet certificate and word proof (see below) to the following email addresses, as well as your instructor.
  7. Apply for your Internet Badge by completing the online form (Teachers)

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