How to tutorials: Microsoft Word for Maths teachers

Want to quickly learn some word tricks and earn your Word Badge? Use the videos below and extend your Word skills.

How to use the Equation Editor in MS Word

Outcomes for workshop:

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to

  • Create a Maths paper with correct mathematical notation and formatting, using Microsoft Word with the basic build in Equation Editor.
Equation Editor is a build-in application that comes standard with Microsoft Word. It can be used to type complicated mathematical notation with ease, making test and exams a breeze to produce!

Activity 1:

  1. In your top title bar, click on Insert --> Equation (in your Symbols menu)

2. You will see your Equation toolbar at the top, and an equation window to insert your mathematical equation.

3. Start typing your equation.

4. You can also write your equation by activating the Ink Equation option on the left of the equation toolbar ribbon.

5. Normal Word formatting applies for numbering, headings etc.

6. To space our questions evenly, we can make use of 3 (question number, question, mark allocation) table columns.

7. Click on the column borders and move them to create just enough space for the question numbers (column 1) and mark allocations (column 3)

8. Start typing in the equations into the second column, as per instructions 1-4 above.

Activity 2

Your turn: Retype the following test:

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