Flipping good -Flipped Classroom Workshop
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  • What is a flipped classroom and how can it benefit me and my learners?
  • How can I use Flipped lessons to make my supervision (e.g. BOT or medical absence lessons) easier on those who have to look after my classes when I am not there.
  • How can flipped lessons help my slower and stronger learners to understand the work better.
  • Which (tech) tools can I use to make my flipped lessons interesting and engaging for my learners
  • How can I assess if my learners have "flipped"?
  • Learn how to make lesson videos, use cool assessment and other tools
  • Earn your Flipped classroom Badge!! 10 badges enter you into the TeachMeet prize draw!
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  • Attend the Flipped classroom workshop
  • Design a lesson plan (with the support of your ITE) for YOUR classroom and CAPS/ATP topic, making sure that it is learner centered, and have the 4 Cs build in (collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking)
    • Does your lesson engage your learners and grab their attention?
    • Is there a feedback loop build in?
    • Is there consolidation of learning?
    • Have you used various technology tools to seamlessly to support your lesson?
    • Complete the lesson plan template and the online lesson plan form.
  • Do your flipped classroom lesson with your class.
  • Reflect on what worked, what did not and how you can do it better.
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