E-learning magic for 2024

I am sure you have been wondering what our e-learning team have been conjuring up for 2024! We are busy simmering a DIEP* stew of learning and technology that hopefully will blow your minds in wonder! This year we are going DIep! (*DIeP = Deeply Integrated e-tech Pedagogy)

As we have discussed last year, this year will be dedicated to our Maths and Language teachers! We will also be looking for some lesson integration magic and to this end we have been preparing our ITEs with skills and tools to assist them DIeply! This means that we are looking for our committed teachers to deeply integrate technology into their lessons.

  • We are looking for 60 maths and language (M&L) teachers (5 per bigger schools and 1 per multigrade school), to become part of our magical tech teacher VIP team.
  • The ITEs will be available to assist them in deeply integrating innovative technologies, using learner centered strategies, and lots of engaging fun! The M&L teachers can book them for:
    • One on one training sessions (in how to incorporate the tech into what they are doing in the classroom e.g. Geogebra etc)
    • Help with setting up the technology for their lessons.
    • Help and support in creating resources and materials and choosing appropriate technology for their "DIeP" lessons.
  • The ITEs will be also be dedicated to the Greenshoots programme. They can help with the registration of learners, getting the lab ready for Greenshoots and assisting the teachers and learners during Greenshoots lab periods. They will also help with the Greenshoots data collection and assist the teachers with the analysis of the data.
  • They will make sure that the lab is ready in the mornings and keep an eye on loadshedding to ensure that the servers get switched off in time. They will also switch off and lock up in the afternoons.
  • They will assist the staff, allocated to tech (3 per school), to manage the lab.
  • They will attend training and admin every Friday in order to be prepared and confident in assisting the teachers, as well as to get some ideas for the upcoming lessons.
  • Be in the classroom with the DIeP teachers to record and support in setting up the DIeP lessons!
  • They can assist with M&L staff e-workshops (apps and tools).
  • They will facilitate the high school afterschool robotics and coding clubs with the assistance of a designated teacher (as per the KILT agreement), as well as supporting the After School Study Club learners with additional Greenshoots and maths tech during their sessions.
  • What they cannot be used for...
    • General schools chores even if it is e-related 💩!! They are there to support the M&L teachers ONLY with the 5 DIeP teachers getting preference) .... So it is worth it being a DIeP teacher!!!
  • You have to really want to develop your teaching practice with the integration of technology.
  • As we can only take 60 teachers (grades 3-9), you have to commit to be part of the DIeP programme for the whole year.
  • What does that entail?
    • Be prepared to learn/share new exciting tech things to use in your lessons.
    • Upscale your tech skills in Word, Excel and PowerPoint (or google tools), while incorporating AI as well as new innovative tools and apps.
    • Work with the Klearning team to create 4 (or more🤩) DIeP e-lessons for your learners. (We will be there with you!)
    • Attend 3 TwT inter school after school workshops, where you will experience learner centered strategies that you can go and implement in your classroom.
    • Attend and present at 2 TeachMeets where we talk about how how our lessons went, what worked and what didn't......... and win prizes!!
    • Book at least 1, one on one session with your fab ITE a month, to prepare for your DIep lessons!
    • Attend 1 phase related intra school check-in per month (6/year) with the e-pedagogy team in school to chat about what you are currently teaching and how we can help with technology, as well as your lesson implementation.
    • Contribute to our collaborative resource sharing library.
    • Earn 10 tech skills badges (this is just a way to reward you, and for you to reward yourself with skills) Every 5 badges gives you an entry into the prize draw (open for all M&L teachers)
  • Can a non Maths or Language teacher be part of the DIep VIPs?
    • No, sorry 😢 for now we ae focusing on the Maths and Language teachers.
  • Can a Maths or Language teacher who are not part of the DIeP group still get 1 on 1 help and attend the workshops?
    • Yes of course!!! 🤩But DIep teachers get preference!

Please feel free to ask questions in the the comment section below...

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