ITE training: GeoGebra e-lesson

"GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one engine. In addition, GeoGebra offers an online platform with over 1 million free classroom resources created by our multilingual community.?

  • ITEs will know hows to use the basic operations of Geogebra 
  • Create and know what a regular polygon, triangle, quadrilateral, square etc is
  • Know how Geogebra tools work
  • Being able to create a figure using polygons (move and change shapes)
  • Know the basic geometric vocabulary 
  • Get the Geogebra certificate 
  • Explore how to learn something using video and more
  • Know how to complete and critique a lesson plan according to SAMR and TPACK

Activity 1: Getting to know the tools

Most apps have a toolbar or ribbon with tool icon that will, if you click it, allow you to perform an action. Watch the following video to learn how the GeoGebra toolbar works.

  • Create a GeoGebra home for yourself with a house , trees, sun etc. You may use any of the tools.
  • Take a screenshot, download the picture and post to our Whatsapp group with your name.
  • Upload it to your POE folder
  • Who lives in the best house?????
  • What tech tools did you use in this activity?
  • Explain All the C's that you experienced in this activity
  • Evaluate the person next to you's House sketch, using the Rubric below. Send it to them directly to upload into their POE folder. (see the Chat GPT prompt for this rubric)

Activity 2: Get your maths on 🎶🎵🎹

  • Get into your groups
  • Follow the facilitators instructions in shaping up!!
  • Put some vibe into it!!
  • Create a tiktok for your group explaining your given shape.

Activity 3:
Download the lesson plan template, make a copy, and complete the lesson plan for all of the above.

  • Was the lesson plan learner centered?
  • Was all the C's covered?
  • Was there engagement, consolidation, feedback and assessment
  • Complete the rubric and critique the lesson

Activity 4:

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