ITE training: 03.05.2024


Make sure that all your Bradley,

  1. Care and growth (09:00-09:30) Logan
  2. Data capture for the week. (9:30-10:00) Essie
  3. Financial planning with Excel. (Bradley) (10:00 - 10:45)
  4. Values and Work ethic Roleplay (Essie) (10:45-11:30)
  5. Assisting Teachers in achieving their Badges. Creating Edu-games (Maggie) (12:30-13:-30)
  6. Health and safety check-in (13:00-14:00) (Maggie and Zethu). Minutes Next week
  7. Data capture catch-up for those who need help.

Action list:

  • Help create badges- Maggie to give each ITE a badge to do with instructions.
  • Go and claim your badges and do the certificates
  • Maggie will issue badge templates and badges to create.
  • Make sure that your teachers lesson is DIeP compliant.
  • Equation editor exam next week
  • Get your schools health and safety document from the ICT coordinator- we need it to be compliant with the DOL Phumie and Zethu to prepare for their workshop.
  • Get your teachers who have not done an GBL workshop to come to Tuesdays workshop
  • One on ones (this includes being in the class with them when they do a diep lesson
  • Chandre to do Edpuzzle workshop next week.

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