Badge: Game Based Learning and Gamification

The research shows that learners learn better in a gamified fun environment. So let's see how we can make our lesson fun and engaging using game based learning and gamified lesson

Check how many of the following criteria you have already mastered! If you need assistance with any of the criteria, please book a one on one with your ITE or work through the Game Based Learning workshop material. You have to see your ITE at least twice a month for some inspiration or to assist with your DIeP lesson and catch up with the eLI training team once a month (at school at at the office - Knysn Buss centre, 26 Waterfront Road)

The criteria for the Game Based Learning and Gamification Badge are as follows:

Please make sure that you can do, have done ALL of the items below. If you need assistance, please ask your friendly ITE for help you. You have to be able to:

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