E-learning magic for 2024
I am sure you have been wondering what our e-learning team have
ITE training: GeoGebra e-lesson
What is GeoGebra? "GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software for all levels of
Teachers: WCED Webinar series not to be missed!!
These webinars are invaluable to hone our e-skills!! See you there! Click
ITE training: Tech and tablet stations
Today we will be getting on top of all things tech! We
ITE training: TwT-Storytelling
Today we will be looking at Storytelling as a classroom strategy for
Ditch that textbook online conference
I have long been a great fan of Matt Miller and this
Basic Word Badge
As part of our ITE, teacher and vocational badge system, you can
Plickers Badge
Plickers offers a unique approach to formative assessment, allowing teachers to gather
Badge: Slideshow (Powerpoint) Badge
PowerPoint Slideshows is the mainstay of any teachers classroom. You can use
How to tutorials: Microsoft Word for Maths teachers
Want to quickly learn some word tricks and earn your Word Badge?
Self marking test Badge
Make sure that you upload all your Proof of Evidence (POE) to
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