WHICH ONE IS THE ONE? (Connectivity for under R500)

In this day and age having internet connectivity could almost be considered mandatory. However, with so many internet service providers out there, which one will give you the best data deal? So I went out to find the best deals for under R500 per month.


At MTN, there is various packages all under R500 that can give you what you want.

Silver        -    6 GB Anytime data for R109
Gold         -    15 GB Anytime data for R159
Platinum  -     30 GB Anytime data for R219
Ruby        -     70 GB Anytime data for R329
Diamond  -     200 GB Anytime data for R439

All deals are month to month, which means you can opt out anytime. You can also get a 4 GB Pocket Router for R399 once off, or if you want opt for an Anytime dataplan, you can get it for R20 per month over 24 months. Terms and Conditions do apply when cancelling your plan earlier and cancellation fees may be added.

Also, due to to lacking sufficient cell towers, connectivity may be hard to find in certain areas. Check if it works in Concordia or White location.



There are 2 types of deals. The sim only deal or the sim with router deal.

Sim Only
80 GB - Day and 80 GB - Night 
= R199 per month for 24 months

120 GB - Day and 120 GB - Night
= R249 per month for 24 months

Also for an additional R40, you can get 80 GB Day and 80 GB Night data for R239 per month for 24 months.



Vodacom have 24 months to 36 months deals.

24 Months 

80 GB - Day and 30 GB - Nightowl data
= R299 per month without a Pocket Router
OR  R349 per month with a Pocket Router

36 Months

150 GB - Day and 150 GB - Nightowl data
= R299 per month with a Home Router

They also offer a deal valid until 3 April 2024.

1 TB for R399 per month for 36 months and includes a Home Router. (No Throttle)


Cell C

Cell C offers deals that range from 10 GB tot 200 GB.

5 GB - Anytime data and 5 GB - Night data
= R 99 per month for 24 months.

10 GB - Anytime Data and 10 GB - Night Data
= R149 per month for 24 months.

30 GB - Anytime Data and 20 GB - Night Data
= R199 per month for 24 months.

50 GB - Anytime Data and 40 GB - Night Data
= R399 per month for 24 months.

100 GB - Anytime Data  and 100 GB - Nite Data
= R599 per month for 24 months.


So now that you acquainted yourself with the various data deals offered by the various internet service providers. Which one is right for you?

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