ITE Training: Puzzle Your Way to SPIKE Prime Robotics Mastery!!

Calling all robo-wizards! Are you ready to dust off your skills and level up your robotics knowledge? Gear up for our exciting Robotics Revision Challenge! This Challenge will take you through five exciting puzzles, each unlocking a new layer of expertise


  1. Collaboration: Get into your Groups as follow
  2. Solve the Puzzle: Crack each challenge's code puzzle, translating it into working code like Scratch.
  3. Bring it to Life: Run your code and witness your robotic creation navigate the challenge!
  4. Capture Your Success: Take a screenshot as proof of your accomplishment.
  5. Share Your Expertise: Create a short, informative "How-To" video on TikTok showcasing your solution
  6. Join the Community: Upload your video to our Edunova group/ Facebook Page or Instagram and inspire others with your skills! (PS don't forget to send us the link if its to an external socials)

Beginner Movement

Beginner Turns

Force Sensor

Light Sensor

Alternative Challenge if movement is limited!

Challenge 1: Color Sequence: Design a program where your robot identifies a specific sequence of coloured blocks and reacts accordingly (e.g. Blue, Play Sound, Black, Play Sound)

Challenge 2: Traffic Lights: Build a traffic light system using colored blocks and the light sensor. Program your robot to respond to different color signals (e.g., STOP at red, GO at green, CAUTION at yellow)
Think about moving the coloured blocks as the robot is moving forward

Distance Sensor

Repeat Block


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