What threat does AI pose for education?
What is your opinion on if AI poses a significant threat to
Fake or not?
"Recent studies have raised eyebrows with astonishing findings suggesting that the relentless
How have you experienced KILTelearning this year
At the end of every year we do a reflection of if
AI tools for schools
How do you feel about all the new AI tools? Comment below
Introducing the Fraaisig E-Lesson Template
You know that feeling when you've been brainstorming with a bunch of
Social Media and the law with Emma Sadlier
Emma Sadlier is South Africa's leading expert on social media law. She
September Leaderboards
Well done to all the schools, teachers and ITE's that are working
Adapt or DAI
Thank you for attending our workshop. Please download the presentation Workshop links:
Teachers- Harnessing the Power of QR Codes in Education (workshop)
Workshop Objectives: Understanding QR Codes What is a QR code?A QR code,
Slideshow Badge (Learners) Voorleggings balkie
Create a Slideshow and get your poster badge Another tool that you
Poster Badge (Learners) Plakaat balkie
Create a poster and get your poster badge It is teacher appreciation
ITE Holiday training: Day 3: Wakelet with a bit of Ai
Activity 1: Wakelet Challenge You are an IT enabler and you need
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