TWT Rotation Station Language Workshop
What is a rotation station? A rotation station, also known as a
TWT Rotation Station Workshops – book your space now!!
🌟 Transform Your Teaching with Rotation Stations & Technology! 🌟 πŸ”„Are you
The game is on! Come to our Gamification and Game Based Learning Webinar
If you have missed out on our hands-on workshops, or just want
Flipping good -Flipped Classroom Catchup webinar
If you have missed out on our hands-on workshops, or just want
Exploring Digital Tools
"In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, the integration of gamification and artificial
How do I submit my DIeP lesson?
This year we will be going diep (Deep Integration of edtech in
Teachers: Game Based learning workshop (
Come and join us for a fun workshop on Game Based Learning
“Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators: Exploring the Exciting World of LEGO Robotics Spike in School Training”
Introduction: In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, it's imperative for educators to
Flipping good -Flipped Classroom Workshop
What will we be doing? What will you learn? How do I
School e-learning Info Pack
We have lots of exciting changes planned for this year! For one,
E-learning magic for 2024
I am sure you have been wondering what our e-learning team have
ITE training: TwT-Storytelling
Today we will be looking at Storytelling as a classroom strategy for
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